About Us

OSHEMAN was founded in 2017 by two brothers with vast experience in Occupational Health and Safety (in construction, FMCG, Heavy Manufacturing). We are a health, safety and environmental training and consulting institute with competent and experienced trainers and consultants.

There is a saying to the tune of ‘if you don’t train them, you can’t blame them’ – we strongly believe in this and are therefore passionate about educating people by means of training.

With decades of experience in a variety of health and safety training courses, OSHEMAN is the logical choice for the health and safety conscious individual.

Offering more than 50 different courses we are not only equipped to help individuals achieve job- required certifications, but also to achieve certifications geared toward personal, occupational and overall health and safety; these courses would include our introductory risk assessment training as well as basic risk based training courses like confined space, working at height, chemical safety, lockout and tag out courses.

With an unrivalled portfolio, OSHEMAN Training is a proud leader in the field of health and safety training, an industry-leader dedicated to training and educating clients in efforts to establish a qualified, safety conscious workforce in Sothern Africa.

Rapid expansion in the first financial year saw the amount of courses we offer increase to cover a scope of over 50.

Our dedicated team of people are constantly working to building a nation of people educated in safety procedures and thus providing a much needed service. The standards by which we operate ensure that we are the leading company in our field. Our portfolio remains unrivalled. Our dynamic sales team ensure that our training is presented to the industry while the material is delivered by our versatile, professional and effective team of instructors.

Because different situations so often call for different solutions we offer our clients the opportunity to customize their learning experience. Ultimately, the more we are able to meet the needs of our clients, the better equipped they are to adapt to the context of their health and safety requirements and this translates into a safer environment for all.